Internet access in Braille (picture)

Better access to the WEB
for blind and partially sighted people

The access to information is one of the major problems visually impaired people are confronted with. Internet should help to solve this problem so far the Web sites are conceived in an accessible way.

The term « accessible » designates sites which all users will be able to explore in a similar way whatever the way they access Internet may be. For example, blind users read HTML documents by the means of speech synthesisers or Braille displays. Partially sighted users can read a screen with better adapted colours, contrasts or fonts. Besides, note that those accessibility problems can also affect the users of new services allowing them to consult a Web page from a telephone or from their car.

Designing an accessible site does not lead to heavy constraints. It increases the clarity of documents and browsing will be easier. The use of style sheets improves the accessibility efficiently by separating the layout from the content, and allows to gain time by the design of a Web site...

Dominique Archambault, Dominique Burger, Inserm 1998
Translation: Sylvie Duchateau, Inserm