Tactile and Multimedia Tools for
Young Visually Impaired People

BrailleNet 2001 thematic day
Sciences and Industry City of La Vilette
Thursday 5th of April 2001


This thematic day has been organized by the BrailleNet association (French association for promotion and development of Internet access for visually impaired people), the French Sciences and Industry City of La Villette, The French University Pierre and Marie Curie, the INSERM (French Institute of Health and Medical Research).

This thematic day realization would not have been possible without the very important help of the European Commission, The Valentin HaŁy Association (French association for helping visually impaired people), the French Blinds Federation, the National Association for Blind Children's Parents, and the Agefiph (French Association which aim is to help sighted people in their professional life).

We thank them for this effective collaboration, without which this day wouldn't have been possible.


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Dominique Archambault, 2001