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4th European eAccessibility Forum

eAccessibility of Public Services in Europe

12/04/2010, 9:00 - 18:00
Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie - Paris, France

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eAccessibility in web quality process : ReNo

Gautier Barrère (Luxemburg)
Ministry of public administration and administrative renovation - Luxembourg
gautier.barrere (at) ctie.etat.lu

Speaker's information

photo Barrere

Psychologist ergonomist specialized training in web user experience, Gautier Barrère is project manager and coordinator of the unit "Internet Presence" within the Technology Center of Information of the State Government of Luxembourg. After practicing several years as an independent in the Benelux area, he is now participating in the establishment of Reno, the quality approach to public websites of Luxembourg. He is also member of the standardization group X35E "Software ergonomics" (AFNOR) and the "France-Luxembourg Usability Profesional Association chapter" (www.flupa.eu).




[Notice : The short papers of this conference have been prepared by BrailleNet who accept any responsibility for them. But presentation materials provided for download (full-papers or slides) have been provided by the authors themselves]

This conference has presented the ReNo quality approach in terms of accessibility. After a short introduction (definition, context, strategy) describes how has evolved the consideration of the eAccessibility concept by Reno since the early 2000s until the WCAG 2.0.

This conference provide a concrete example of quality control process including eAccessibility (methodology, techniques and tools), reused by other government structures and key accounts and concludes on the importance of the certification process.

Implementing a global quality web approach within an governmental structure always seems quite difficult. Taking in account accessibility within this approach is even more delicate, especially without an appropriate funding.

It is, however, possible : ReNo, the Normalisation Guidelines for the gouvernement's websites in Luxembourg, started in 2002, is one exemple. How to take in account, concretely accessibility in our web project ? How did we anticipate the WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)? Reno is a concrete example of a quality approach that includes accessibility; it can be replicated in other similar contexts.

It is important to insist on the global value of the ReNo approach. Each step of our approach will be analyzed and detailed from the point of view of accessibility.

To consider accessibility as a essential part of quality integrated in a global approach and to have a solid project management methodology are two important aspects of the ReNo approach. The process compliance is also a necessary step to insure a global quality level for the user.


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