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4th European eAccessibility Forum

eAccessibility of Public Services in Europe

12/04/2010, 9:00 - 18:00
Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie - Paris, France

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Implementating e-Accessibility at DILA

Olivier GARRY (Paris (France))
Direction de l’information légale et administrative

Speaker's information

Photo Olivier Garry

Since 2002, Olivier Garry is in charge of the portal www.vie-publique.fr at the Internet Products Department of the Directorate of legal and administrative information (France).



Project coordinator, his team works for the development of web quality policy and e-accessibility standards.



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The Direction of Administrative and Legal Information (DILA), born from the merging in 2010 of the Direction of the French Documentation and the Direction of Official Gazettes, has implemented a voluntary approach to make all its websites accessible.

Accessibility for all

Beyond standards and technical criteria, web accessibility policy at the DILA is defined in the broadest sense of both code and design rules for the benefit of all users regardless of their level of ease or difficulty in accessing data on various types of consultation platforms.

The result of more than five years of experiment of accessibility standards implementation (WAI, AccessiWeb, DGME 2004, RGAA) is that it is unrealistic to think that an Internet technical team can deal with all the disabilities in all their specificities. 

Therefore, our approach is based on the opposite logic and concentrates on some specific audiences in order to make our effort profitable for every Internet user. "He who can more, can do less"

This positioning, being a part of a more global approach to improve the quality of service for all the Internet users is, in addition, easier to promote in front of the decision-makers. 

Thus, the technical reference guidelines become, in this view, a tool for the benefit of the product quality. 

Accessibility at the core of the project approach. 

To be efficient, this approach implies to take in account accessibility at each step of the process, from conception to pages production. Present from the very beginning of the making of a section or the redesign of the website, accessibility norms are implemented at every level, from ergonomic conception to page developing and graphic design. 

Each moment of validation includes the validation of specific reference guidelines related to accessibility standards.

With internal teams, trained and knowledgeable

For accessibility to be systematically implemented and sustained as new contents are produced and websites are evolving, the DILA continues the work made by the Documentation Française on training competent internal teams, to be in charge of the websites conception and development monitoring.

Indeed, to go to one-off external service providers does not permit to keep long-term quality objectives in an operating cycle. It appears, thus, very necessary to have means of monitoring and of creating in order to implement accessibility standards. This effort implies investments in in-service training, fitting to appointed objectives.

The e-accessibility project

In order to comply to the timetable fixed by the French legal framework to put in conformity all public websites by october 2011, the DILA has developed a specific internal project in order to put in conformity all websites it has in charge. 

Each team in charge of websites must, in a mutualized and coordinated approach, determines an agenda of conformation for all its published web pages.

Two scenarios define this agenda :

- If a redesign of the website or its sections is planned before october 2011, then the conformation process is included in the process of conception and planned new web pages production.

- If no development is planned, then a specific project of conformation is scheduled.

In both cases, a mutualized technical team is formed to provide garantee of conformity control and to mutualize good practices for each of the teams in charge of the websites development. 

This work will be made with the help of a service provider providing an audit of what already exists and consultancy concerning validation and conformity control, so that a transfer of knowledge at the benefit of the internal teams can occur.

The goal is to pursue the efforts already made on capacity of internal teams to expend and maintain the best commitment level possible concerning quality for the eleven DILA websites.

Accessibility, a guarantee of quality for the users

The policy already engaged by the Direction de la Documentation française since 2005 et continued by the DILA is based on an implementation integrated in the process of websites conception and making.

Thus, the implementation of accessibility has become at the same time a mean and an asset (not a constraint) at the benefit of a quality commitment guaranteeing  the best service possible for the Internet users.


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