5th European eAccessibility Forum
Benefits and costs of e-accessibility

28/03/2011, 9:00 - 18:00
Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie - 30 Avenue Corentin Cariou 75019 - Paris, France

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Web Accessibility Policy at SNCF

Brigitte Rigaud (France)
brigitte.rigaud (at) sncf.fr

Arthur Rigaud (Paris)

Anne Villequenault (Paris)

Julien Ducreux (Paris)
Julien.ducreux (at) sncf.fr

Speaker's information

photo Brigitte Rigaux

Working for the SNCF since 1981, after holding several position at the Communication and External Relations Management (Direction de la Communication et aux Relations Exterieures), Brigitte Rigaud began working at the Department for Accessibility and Disabled Travelers in january 2005 (Délégation à l'Accessibilité et aux Voyageurs Handicapés). She works on the group's policies on accessibility, contributing through her expertise on train, railway stations and services accessibility and supervising SNCF group's dialog with the national associations of disabled persons.

photo Arthur Rigaud

Integrator at Voyages-sncf.com since 2006. AccessiWeb expert since 2008.

SNCF logo

In charge of webmasters network development at ter-sncf.com, Anne Villequenault is working at the SNCF since 1999.

SNCF logo

Julien Ducreux works at the Marketing Informations for Travelers at the SNCF.



Warning : The short papers of this conference have been prepared by BrailleNet who accept any responsibility for them. But presentation materials provided for download (full-papers or slides) have been provided by the authors themselves.

As a public group, the SNCF must carry accessibility policies. Representing several subsidiaries, the group websites have a development partially autonomous. A special department for accessibility and disabled travelers (Délégation à l’accessibilité et aux voyageurs handicapés) is in charge of the accessibility policies promotion inside the SNCF group.

The question of e-Accessibility benefits is primarily linked to SNCF image as one of the most important public corporation in France. Each website (voyages-sncf.com, ter-sncf.com etc.) must carry SNCF image and what comes with it as accessibility requirements.

As such, e-Accessibility investments must be apprehended in consideration of the size of the group. Voyages-snf.com, for example, has a global turnover of 2.4 billions of euros. In order to improve his website accessibility, it trained 8 accessibility experts, made 4 audits, and recruited 1 CDI and 4 contractors. These investments on accessibility strengthened the websites’ technical structures, improved browsers compatibility and reduced maintenance costs.

Thus, SNCF’s social obligations as a large public group regarding accessibility have been a factor of economics gains on the Web.  


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