11th European e-Accessibility Forum
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19/06/2017, 9am-6pm
Cité des sciences et de l'industrie, Paris

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Disability as a driver of creativity

David LEMOINE (Paris)

Antoine CAPET (Paris)

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David Lemoine et Antoine Capet

BrutPop was founded by musician David Lemoine and sound engineer and special needs teacher Antoine Capet. For 6 years they have been organising experimental music workshops with young people with autism and special needs. They aim to transform their passion for underground music and DIY open solutions into something useful.

David Lemoine has a degree in Political Sciences and Sociology from the Universities of Bordeaux and Barcelona. A singer and composer, he has performed in such venues as PS1/MoMa in NewYork, the Villa Medicis in Rome and the Cité de la Musique, the Palais de Tokyo and the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.


Working as a special needs teacher for almost 15 years, Antoine Capet has worked primarily with people with disabilities including cerebral palsy, learning disabilities and autism. Antoine is also active on the Parisian art scene, founding the arts magazine Entrisme (2009-2011), organising concerts and working on a number of multimedia projects.



David is a musician and Antoine a social worker. Both believed that bringing independent makers and stakeholders from the socio-medical sector together would be mutually beneficial, both from a creative and financial perspective. In creating BrutPop, they wanted to shake up representations of disability by bringing a touch of "coolness" to disability-led projects.

While running music workshop sessions for people with mental disabilities, in particular autism and psychiatric disorders, David and Antoine noted that the instruments used were often too complex and costly. They decided to pull together a spec for what an accessible and affordable instrument might look like, taking a bottom-up approach. The instrument needed:

They then decided to present this spec to the maker community working in two of France's fab labs, a well-established and well-funded lab in Crest in the Drôme area specialised in wood and the other in Marseille's Friche de la Belle Mai with a strong technology and underground culture bias.

In Crest a kit for building a simplified electric guitar was developed. Digital lathes, 3D printing technology and low-cost materials were used to create a guitar that cost under €10 in materials to make. Another instrument built using an open source technology called Arduino, which has democratised the development of new solutions in the field of music, was created in Marseille. The BrutBox is a small box connected to a computer with a series of captors that are capable of responding to pressure, brainwaves and movement depending on the needs of its users. The BrutBox has been presented in a number of cultural venues and socio-medical organisations and continues to evolve as both sectors bring a different perspective to how the solution should work.

Today BrutPop is looking at sensory solutions using colour, sound, smell, shapes and touch. Enticing the maker community onto this market, where there is a strong potential for development but at present a monopoly held by a few industry players, is a way of testing whether it is possible to come up with cost-effective solutions. The maker community are able to explore ways of empowering people with disabilities without having to rely on large investments.

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