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8th European e-Accessibility Forum
User-driven e-Accessibility

31/03/2014, 09:00 - 18:00 - Registration from 8:30
Cité des sciences et de l'industrie - Universcience - Paris

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09h00 - 09h45 : Opening Session: Users' Expectations

Chair : Dominique BURGER (Association BrailleNet - UPMC)
  • Welcome Address
    Claudie Haigneré (President of Universcience )
  • Panel - Users expectations regarding e-Accessibility
    Stéphanie Lucien-Brun (CFHE), Vincent Aniort (APF), Alex Bernier (BrailleNet Association), Cedric Lorant (UNISDA), Véronique Le Chêne (UNAPEI), Pascale RIBES (CFHE)

09h45 - 10h45 : e-Accessibility: a Fundamental Right

Chair : Philippe CHAZAL (Président de la CFPSAA)
  • Introduction to the session
    Philippe Chazal (CFPSAA)
  • e-Accessibility: A Right for All!
    Maryvonne LYAZID (Défenseur des Droits), Jamshid KOHANDEL (Défenseur des Droits)
  • Towards a comprehensive and future-proof European e-Accessibility directive from a rights-based and market-related perspective
    Rodolfo CATTANI (European Disability Forum)
  • How to make standards and legislation meet the needs of all consumers
    Chiara GIOVANNINI (ANEC - The European consumer voice in standardisation)

11h15 - 12h00 : Government responses to the e-Accessibility needs of their citizens

Chair : Bruno MARMOL (INRIA)
  • The interministerial action plan for the accessibility of online public services in France
    Jacques MARZIN (DISIC)
  • The Renow methodology for web standardisation: an example of an effective alliance between User Experience and e-Accessibility
    Gautier BARRERE (State Department for Information Technologies, Luxemburg)

14h00 - 14h45 : Involving users in the improvement of digital products and services

Chair : Vincent ANIORT (Groupe Orange)
  • User Experience Evaluation: An essential step
    Christian BASTIEN (University of Lorraine-Metz)
  • e-Accessibility and Ergonomics: A good partnership for all
    Ghislaine PECH-OLIVO (Pôle Emploi), Anthony LOISELET (AplusB)

14h45 - 15h30 : User Modeling

Chair : Jan ENGELEN (Katholieke Universität Leuven)
  • New strategies for old problems: model-based user interfaces
    Giorgio BRAJNIK (University of Udine)
  • Combining User and Device Context for Accessibility
    Andy HEATH (W3C/WAI IndieUI Independent User Interface working group)

15h45 - 16h30 : Can Universal Design meet diverse needs?

Chair : Stéphanie LUCIEN-BRUN (CFHE)
  • User-driven assessment and user participation in standardisation for people with cognitive disabilities and mental illnesses
    Stefan JOHANSSON (Funka Nu AB)
  • Getting older users involved: the experience of AGE Platform Europe
    Ophélie DURAND (AGE Platform Europe)

16h30 - 17h15 : User Generated Content and e-Accessibility

Chair : Dominique BURGER ( UPMC-INSERM / Association BrailleNet )
  • Crowdsourcing: A New Era of Information Accessibility
    Mike MAY (Sendero Group)
  • e-Accessibility as a driver of social innovation: the case of Jaccede.com
    Damien BIRAMBEAU (Jaccede.com)

17h15 - 17h45 : Synthesis & Conclusions

  • Synthesis of the Day
    Dominique Burger (UPMC - BrailleNet)
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