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10th European e-Accessibility Forum
e-Accessibility in a connected world

30 May 2016, 9am-6pm
Cité des sciences et de l'industrie, Paris

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09h00 - 09h30 : Opening Session

Chair : Dominique BURGER (INSERM-UPMC)
  • Opening address
    Bruno MAQUART (President, Universcience)
  • Introduction
    Bruno MARMOL (President, BrailleNet)

09h30 - 10h30 : The Internet of Things: Scope and Challenges

Chair : Dominique BURGER (BrailleNet - UPMC)
  • The Internet of Things: Technologies enabling objects to connect and communicate with one another
    Nathalie MITTON (INRIA)
  • How the Internet of Things has the potential to make the world accessible to everyone
    Jean-Christophe COIFFIER (Nokia France)
  • Changing the World - Strategies, Partnerships and Business Propositions for the IoT
    Steve TYLER (RNIB)

11h00 - 12h30 : Factoring the needs of all citizens into the IoT

Chair : Jan ENGELEN (KUL Universiteit)
  • My Internet of Things: considering the needs and uses of disabled users. Three users share their hopes and fears for a fully connected world
    Stéphanie LUCIEN-BRUN (Chair) (Conseil Français des Personnes Handicapées pour les Questions Européennes), Sophie DROUVROY (Blogger, Vis ma vie de sourde), Vincent ANIORT (Association des Paralysés de France), Antoine BROUCHET (Expert on ICT accessibility)
  • Accessible Open Web Platform
    Shadi ABOU-ZAHRA (W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI))
  • EU-funded research and innovation of ICT for people with disabilities: ongoing action and future opportunities
    Marco MARSELLA (CONNECT Directorate-General, European Commission)
  • How to build accessible smart cities without frightening people
    Ross ATKIN (Ross Atkin Associates)

12h30 - 14h45 : LUNCH BREAK / WORKSHOPS

  • 13.00 & 14.00 : Smart technology is here - how are you supporting citizens with low digital skills?
    Daci Branda, Xénia Nédelcoux (TextHelp)

13h30 - 14h30 : WORKSHOP: Innovative connected objects for people with disabilities

Chair : Dominique BURGER (BrailleNet - UPMC)
  • Navigate city streets with the sense of touch
    Julien Capone, Charles Grillet, Christine E. Esteves (Grizz)
  • How to foster accessibility with sound beacon technologies
    Philippe Lemaire (Phitech)
  • Smart mobility and accessibility for all through beacon technologies
    Caroline Azière (AudioSpot)
  • Wizigo and Rango, augmented reality audio to improve safety and autonomy of the visually impaired
    François Birot, Hugues de Chaumont (GoSense)

14h45 - 15h30 : Security, Privacy and Trust

Chair : Helen PETRIE (University of York)
  • Pocket informers: Privacy problems with portable communication objects
    Mathieu CUNCHE (INSA)
  • Connected objects and privacy issues
    Stéphane PETITCOLAS (Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés (CNIL))

15h30 - 16h30 : IoT case studies

Chair : Susanna LAURIN (Funka)
  • How the Internet of Things is changing healthcare
    Alexis NORMAND (Withings)
  • IoT applications in e-Health
    Marie-Christine JAULENT (INSERM (French Institute of Health and Medical Research))
  • i-stay@home or enabling seniors to stay at home through the Internet of Things
    Imad ABDALLAH (Aereon)

16h30 - 17h30 : Closing Session

  • Panel discussion: The Internet of Things and e-Accessibility - how will things look in 5 years’ time?
    Chair: Alex BERNIER (BrailleNet)
  • Conclusions
    Dominique BURGER (INSERM-UPMC/BrailleNet)
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