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Satellite Conference IFLA’s WLIC 2014

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22-23 August 2014
UPMC, Paris
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These guidelines are intended to help speakers prepare their presentations.

Submission dates

Detailed abstract 31 May
Biography and photograph 31 May
Autorisation to publish form 31 May
Presentation slides 8 August


Conference sessions are 90 minutes long, with a chairperson and 4 speakers per session. The chairperson will introduce the topic and each speaker with a brief biography. Each speaker will be given 15 minutes to present his or her paper and 5 minutes for questions and answers. Speakers must time their presentations to fit within the allotted time.

Presentation Style

All presentations must be in English or French. Most conference attendees, and indeed many of the speakers, do not have English as a first language. To facilitate understanding, it is important that speakers speak slowly and clearly. This is particularly important as there is simultaneous transcription and translation into English and French.

Please note that presentations cannot be commercial in nature and cannot represent a sales pitch for a product, service, or company.

Presentation Format

All speakers will be expected to support their presentations with a slide presentation (PowerPoint, Open Office Impress, HTML, or equivalent).

Speakers must remember to describe in detail the information that is being presented on the overhead screen for those who are unable to see the slides.

Visuals must be:

Company profiles and contact information should be kept to one or two slides.

Please note that video files should be only be used if they relate to specific aspects of your presentation; under no circumstances should they substitute your presentation. Be aware that embedded media clips are not saved as part of your slide presentation. The actual video or audio files must be sent along with your slide presentations.

All the necessary logistic support will be provided by the conference organisers. Presentations will be preinstalled on a laptop, but if speakers wish to bring a personal laptop, or require any special hardware, they are asked to let us know by email. We recommend that you also bring with you a copy of the presentation on a data stick or other portable memory device.

Detailed abstracts

Abstracts should be true to the session presentations. They should be approximately 1200 words long (please note references are not included in the word count). Sub-headings can be included where necessary to break up the text. Citations should be referenced in footnotes. Images and diagrams should be accompanied by brief captions and a text alternative explaining the content of the image.

Please download the template. This document serves two functions:
(1) It provides a set of instructions on how to format your detailed abstract.
(2) It serves as a template. Please type your detailed abstract directly in this document.


A brief biography of approximately 100 words including career details and major work achievements to date will be included in the programme. Biographies should be written in the third person, using full sentences rather than bullet points. These should be sent along with a portrait photograph in 300 dpi resolution in JPEG or JPG, GIF or PGN.

Copyright Form

An IFLA-LPD copyright form should accompany your final submission. Please download the pdf version or the .doc version of this form. Authors are responsible for obtaining any security clearances.

Submission e-mail

Please use the address : submission-ifla-lpd2014@braillenet.org

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