Contribution to programme / Key Action objectives

The tremendous development of the Information Society may have a decisive impact on the on the social inclusion of visually handicapped people in providing new opportunities to access information and services that were traditionally out of their reach.

Nowadays, this category of citizens can access digital services using adapted software in combination with Braille electronic displays, speech synthesisers, or magnification software, so that they can interact with computers in an autonomous way.

The VICKIE project aims at tacking advantage of the emerging technologies to develop new tools and concepts for supporting the inclusion of visually impaired students in ordinary education.

VICKIE  reduces the barriers encountered by visually impaired persons in communicating with sighted people in crating a flexible system.

The VICKIE environment is portable as to create favourable conditions for independent learning.

VICKIE  pays  a special attention to visually impaired students with additional disabilities.

VICKIE helps them feeling they are prepared to enter the same future as sighted students.

VICKIE minimises the necessary adaptation of electronic documents to the special needs of visually impaired children.

VICKIE software is  usable to develop tools for people who loose their vision at an age where it is too late to learn Braille .

VICKIE project will produce a pre-industrial prototype.

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