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UPMC - University "Pierre et Marie Curie" Logo : University "Pierre et Marie Curie"

University "Pierre et Marie Curie" is a first scientific and medical University of France is situated in Paris.

With 34000 students it is a biggest university in France and it dispose of a remarkable potential for scientific training.

In the building of the university is about 250 laboratories, witch some 3000 researchers. The name of the laboratory where work Dominique ARCHAMBAULT et Dominique BURGER is INSERM (Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Medical) U 483, has 15 researchers and 10 engineers and technicians and two major research orientations : the understanding the human sensory-motor functions and human computer integration, developing technical rehabilitation tools.

BNET - Association BrailleNet Logo : BrailleNet

The French BrailleNet association (1997) was set up to encourage the use of Internet in the education of visually impaired people at the school, at the university, or professional training.

BrailleNet's network clusters a lot of French special schools for blind et visually impaired children , associations of blind people and associations of parents of blind children, which are targets of VICKIE project.

BRM- Regina Margherita National Library Logo: Regina Margherita National Library for Blind in Monza

for the Blind in Monza

The "Bibliotheca Italiana per Ciechi Regina Margarita" was funded in 1928 by the Italian Union of the Blind.

The Library for the Blind delivers same services as Braille transcription of various kind of text, production of school texts, several magazines. It has 13 resource centres distributed in the whole country, helping teachers and parents, demonstrating the use of learning aids.

CRS4- Centro di Ricerca in Sardinia Logo : CRS4

Centro di Ricerca in Sardinia based in Cagliary, Italy. The centre develops and applies innovative solutions across a broad range of important areas by leveraging its key strengths in several scientific and technological disciplines. These areas encompass large-scale computational problems that require application of advanced simulation techniques supported by High Performance Computing and the timely integration of newly emerging Information and Communications Technology.

The focus is on problems stemming from natural, social and industrial environments. The aim is the development and analysis of appropriate mathematical models, their numerical solution by advanced algorithms and innovative software tools for programming and visualisation, as well as the validation and assessment of results based on benchmark problems.

SJS-St Joseph's School for the Visually Impaired Logo : St Joseph School

St Joseph's School for the Visually Impaired is located in Dublin, Ireland, it is a centre of education and learning for people with a visual impairment.

St Joseph's School for the Visually Impaired seeks through education, training and social care to provide students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to fulfill their individual potential, so each can lead the life of his choice.

EB - Eurobraille

Eurobraille SA is a French company. Since its start in 1990, Eurobraille has concentrated on the production of standalone devices for the blind that hold within themselves a certain number of applications such as a word processor, a spreadsheet, a diary, a calculator etc…

The range of products manufactured includes portable and desktop devices. Eurobraille devices always have a Braille display for data output and either a Braille keyboard or a standard keyboard for data input.

The quality of its products and of its service policy has made Eurobraille the dominant actor on the French market and well established in Belgium and Germany. Eurobraille is also a supplier to several Telephone Exchange manufacturers who provide solutions to blind operators. Eurobraille has always designed both the hardware and software parts of its products.

In 1997 and 1998 Eurobraille obtained a contract from Microsoft to produce kernel elements specific for accessibility, because of Eurobraille expertise in Windows applications for blind users.
Eurobraille is a highly profitable company with a steady record of growth in sales.
In France, with few exceptions, the entire school system has gradually switched to Eurobraille's equipment for blind students.

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Bernadett Békefi, UPMC, June 2003